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Our Story

From the beginning, Derse Morgen was created to provide a unique financial advisory experience. In fact, our name is derived from a word that means first or premier and we strive each day to be the best for our clients. Our core belief is that clients come to us for objective advice they can trust, and a relationship they can rely on, and not to be sold financial products. We believe that our job is to be an advocate for our clients and their interests.

Prior to establishing Derse Morgen, we were clients of financial advisors. During this time, we observed many glaring problems and potential conflicts of interest within the financial services industry - including the emphasis on selling financial products, a lack of comprehensive financial planning advice, and virtually no disclosure of how our advisors were getting compensated. We became determined to create a company based on a very simple idea: provide what the client wants, not what the company wants, and focus more on providing comprehensive advice and less on financial companies and their products. This has allowed us to combine many of the best practices and most prudent financial planning principles available into a simple and comprehensive wealth management process - a process that offers clients a different way of managing their wealth and achieving their financial objectives.

Although this approach may be "the road less traveled," we feel it's the right way to effectively serve our clients. We invite you to learn more about how we can guide you toward your financial planning goals and aspirations.