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Our Advantage

We have a unique approach that allows us to focus on helping our clients make sound financial decisions.

We are an independent fiduciary firm.
We do not work for, nor are we directly affiliated with, a specific financial company or its products. We work directly for our clients and do not have bias or incentive to utilize one company or its products over another. As a fiduciary advisor, we focus on what is in the best interest of our clients at all times. 

We are financial planners in the strictest sense.
Our team-based approach to financial planning and investment advice brings together subject matter experts in the fields of tax planning, estate planning, insurance and risk management, and investment strategy. We utilize a client-focused financial advice process that looks at each client’s overall financial picture and is designed to provide clarity and simplicity. The result is a comprehensive plan that outlines the specific actions you need to take in order to reach your financial goal. We then discuss a timeline for implementation and commit to a monitoring and review schedule.

We believe in transparency.
Everything we do is based on transparency, including how we are compensated. We fully explain the steps we will take together during the financial planning process and openly discuss all the options available when deciding on implementation strategies. As a general rule, we do not receive commissions from brokerage firms or mutual fund companies. Instead, we align our compensation based on the services we provide. This may include fee for service, fees for financial planning and/or asset-based management fees. Insert Button Our Compensation

We have a solid, proven investment philosophy.
Our investment philosophy is built upon decades of Nobel Prize winning academic research and financial science. Our portfolios are custom designed to meet your unique circumstances and objectives. In addition to our transparent and low advisory fees, we utilize institutional-level mutual fund managers that are exclusively available for approved advisors and their clients and offer some of the lowest costs in the industry. Insert Button Our Investment philosophy to be updated.