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Tim Alessi

For Tim, success is all about building relationships and helping others live a fulfilling and aspired life.

Tim believes in honesty, trustworthiness and reliability.

Tim Alessi has always realized the importance of trust in building relationships. But it wasn’t until 2000, that he decided to embark on a career that he feels is all about trust.

After a successful fifteen-year career working for two fortune 500 companies, Tim turned from being a client of a financial advisor to being a financial advisor himself. It didn’t take long for Tim to recognize that many of the consulting and problem solving skills he acquired in corporate America, as well as his academic education, transferred rather easily to the technical aspects of financial planning. But it was his unique blend of personal skills and genuine desire to help and care for others that made him a quick success.

Tim admits the financial services industry doesn’t exactly have a reputation for approachability and trust. “This is exactly why I got into this industry, I wanted to help people in an area of their lives that is so important, but I knew that in order for people to feel comfortable about working with a financial advisor they had to find someone they could trust first and foremost.”

It was never Tim’s goal to start his own firm. “I had a unique perspective coming into the business; “I came from corporate America, outside of the financial services industry. Also, I was a client of a financial advisor. My wife and I were young professionals, no kids at the time. I joke now when I look back because I used to say: even though we were both college educated, we didn’t know what we didn’t know.”

Tim has what he calls a “Walk in My Shoes” perspective. “My feeling was if I need this kind of advice, I bet people like me would like this kind of advice. This is a key reason why I became an advisor.”

One thing Tim did know was what he needed and wanted from a financial advisor; advice. “The problem was there was really no one who was providing advice, they were giving me stock tips and selling me mutual funds and insurance.”

After four years of working as an advisor for both a large financial services company as well as a small independent firm, Tim realized that if he truly was going to be able to serve clients the way they wanted to be served, he needed to start his own firm. In 2005, with the help of a business partner, the independent financial planning firm Derse Morgen was born.

Today, Tim is the firm’s managing partner and leads the three person advisory team that works directly with clients. The firm has a rather basic notion; that client’s come to them for objective-trusted advice, not to buy financial products.

Derse Morgen looks at their advisor team as client advocates. The trust and absolute care of the client is of utmost importance and they are fully committed to the company’s mission which is to help individuals and families attain complete financial well being.

Tim’s background helped shape who he is today. He grew up in a close knit family in a small blue collar-steel town about 40 miles from Buffalo, NY. Life was simple and people were hardworking and socio-economically similar. Tim feels fortunate when he looks back, because he had a good up bringing where he saw his parents model hard work and they encouraged him to do his best.

Tim feels his business success is due to his unique ability to relate to people, and his desire to help them gain clarity regarding their finances so they can live a fulfilling and aspiring life.

When Tim’s not helping his clients, he enjoys laughing with friends, cooking, golfing, and relaxing with his wife, their three children, and their family dog; Teddy.

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Education and Credentials: 

  • University of Hartford, Barney School of Business; BS Business Administration, magna cum laude
  • Queens University, McColl School of Business; Graduate studies Economics and Accounting
  • General Securities Representative Examination; Series 7
  • Uniform Combined State Law Examination; Series 66
  • Investment Advisor affiliated Registered Investment Advisor
  • Life and Health License